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Today I read Matt Cutts‘ post about URL Canonicalization, and decided to finalize my URL structure. I implemented my canonicalization with mod_rewrite in Apache. I found a helpful introduction to mod_rewrite. So which is better: or For some time, I preferred the former, simply because I didn’t like the way the latter looked […]

I’m already experiencing the migratory potential of my OpenID. Over the last few days, when logging in with my OpenID at Highrise, WordPress would not redirect me back to Highrise. I broke down and created a backup username and password temporarily. But then I realized this was a good opportunity to test OpenID migration to […]

JanRain, the team behind Jyte, seems to be doing some good work with OpenID. They are a free OpenID Provider and have an anti-OpenID-spam-bot captcha system. Enter your OpenID once, complete a captcha, and your non-bot status is communicated to consumers through an exposed API. Nice!

Today I cruised over to Highrise, the new contact management app developed by the 37Signals guys. I went to create an account, and saw that they, too, are supporting OpenID authentication. I decided now was a good time to get my OpenID setup. To setup OpenID, you have to decide a) what URI you want […]